1. Oooooooo.

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  2. Such a great year.

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  5. Made this the other day. Things are kinda slow on the Ivy Dye front as far as getting the new album out so I might as well start using my downtime productively, right?

    I gave this song the working title “Thot” because it was the first word that popped into my head.


  6. Viceroyyy.

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  7. Dat good good.

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  8. Some new toys came in the mail today. The Boss RV-5 was a pretty great deal and the modulated reverb setting on it is worth checking out. Most of the verb on the last @ivydyemusic EP is modulated, but was all put in through plugins during the mixing stage. Got the real deal now. Also the @happyvalleyanalog Jurassic Fuzz is a simple, but crunchy and strong fuzz that I’m pumped to try out. #music #effects #pedals #gear


  9. I made a playlist called #JustinBieber that has nothing to do with that douche. It’s actually good. Check it out.

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  10. Updated the Pitchfork 2014 playlist. Check it out!

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